*    Universal app, supports iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.
*    Optimized for iPhone5 screen and supports HD graphics!
*    Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI); plays like a human!
*    Powerful Gin Rummy game engine for experts and beginners. Choose "Expert" or "Rookie" levels from the settings.
*    Fully automated melding or sorting of cards.
*    Fully automated game play - meld, knock, gin, big gin, undercut and bonus are processed automatically.
*    Users can arrange their own hands, just disable auto melding from settings.
*    Introducing two-tap-drop, if you happen to drop the wrong card, this option is for you!
*    Fun and visually appealing card game with immerse gaming experience and animations.
*    Improved game speed control, uses a slider to control game speed.
*    Included a FAQ section for any questions, help or game rules.
*    Supports online and offline gaming experience. Offline scores are accumulated and added to online score when the player sign in back to Game Center.
*    Engage players with Game Center leader boards.